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25th April 2018

Finding your local tribunal

You can addresses and contact details for employment tribunal offices and hearing centres in England, Wales and Scotland on the Government’s website.

Some tribunal offices have two addresses listed; the postal address is where you should send any correspondence related to your case, and the tribunal location is where you should go if you are attending a hearing.

If you are unable to find the Employment Tribunal you need, you can call the official helpline:

  • 0300 123 1024 in England and Wales
  • 0300 790 6234 in Scotland
Starting your claim

Employment Tribunal claims in England and Wales should be sent to:

Employment Tribunal Central Office (England and Wales)
PO Box 10218
LE1 8EG.

In Scotland, send claims to:

Employment Tribunal Central Office (Scotland)
PO Box 27105
G2 9JR.

Appealing against an employment tribunal decision

When appealing against a tribunal decision in England and Wales, you can contact the Employment Appeal Tribunal on 020 7273 1041 or write to them at:

Second Floor Fleetbank House
2-6 Salisbury Square

Their email address is and their fax number is 01264 785 028.

In Scotland, you can contact the Edinburgh Employment Appeal Tribunal on 0131 225 3963 or write to them at:

52 Melville Street
EH3 7HF.

Their email address is and their fax number is 01264 785 030.

You can contact either office to begin your appeal claim, whichever country the decision was made in.

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