Motorcycling-related disputes – what to do if you buy a dodgy bike

28th August 2018
Your rights if you buy a faulty new or second hand motorcycle

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, if you discover a fault with the motorbike you may have the right to reject it for a full refund, or to ask for a repair if you want to keep it.  This will be dependent on providing evidence that the fault was present within the motorbike at the time of purchase.  You have limited rights however if you buy from a private seller or an auction site.

Your rights if you receive faulty motorcycle repairs

If a garage has failed to provide the repairs with reasonable care and skill, you would be able to argue that they have breached the contract under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.  Remedies for breach of contract include full refund, partial refund or ‘repeat performance’ where they should provide the service again at no additional cost to you.

Can your be sacked you if you can’t do your job following a biking accident?

An employer can dismiss an employee if they can establish a legally fair reason to do so.  One of the fair reasons for dismissal is if an employee is not capable of performing their duties under the contract of employment.

If a biking accident means that you are permanently not going to be able to do your job, and your employer cannot put any measure in place to support you, or offer an alternative job, then potentially they may be able to dismiss you.

This is unlikely to be the case if, for example, you sustained an injury such as a broken leg and would be able to return to work after a relatively short period of rehabilitation. Dismissal for capability should be as a last resort, but each situation will depend on the circumstances of the absence and the employer’s business.

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