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Legal Advice Scenarios

These are a selection of our business legal advice successes.

Employee sickness

Our client had an employee who was regularly taking intermittent days off sick on Mondays which was causing a disruption to the business. We established that the sickness was for a variety of minor ailments that were not attributable to any kind of disability.

We were then able to advise our client how he could introduce a simple sickness policy which meant that he would be able to discipline this employee in the future for his excessive sickness.

Sexual discrimination claim

Our client had received a grievance from an employee on numerous issues that related to sex discrimination. They are a small business with no human resources advisor. They needed advice upon whether or not the grievance was justified. Upon receipt of the grievance we were able to review the information and provide written advice to the company regarding the law relating to sex discrimination.

It transpired that they had unwittingly put a female worker at a detriment but upon receiving our advice they happily resolved the situation with the employee and avoided any claims being made to the Employment Tribunal.

Employee underperformance

Our client had an employee who was underperforming. They wanted to discipline the employee for poor performance. We were able to explain that the problems related to performance, not conduct and advised upon a performance improvement plan which was implemented. Disciplinary action could be taken if the employee failed to meet the targets set.

Disciplinary action was taken after the employee failed to meet their targets and further targets were agreed. The employee managed to meet these targets and his overall performance improved.

Termination of employment

Our client was involved in a dispute with an employee. They wanted to terminate his employment. We were able to initially advise them, and then through our written advice service, we negotiated a settlement with the employee and drafted a settlement agreement on behalf of the company.

The parties mutually agreed to the termination of employment and there was no risk to our client of any claims arising in the employment tribunal as a result of the termination.


  • "
    Amy is a highly skilled and compassionate lawyer, who selflessly dedicates herself to her clients. Her legal savvy and articulate explanations have been invaluable to me and I would highly recommend her legal services to anyone at any time.
    " 12th June 2015
  • "
    I very much appreciated my advisor, Michael. He listened without rushing me and he was very thoughtful and supportive. I am very grateful for his time and his advice. Also, all people I spoke over the phone were very polite and I was glad that we had your legal team for our insurance policy. Thank you once again.
    " 24th July 2015
  • "
    I would be grateful if you would pass on my heartfelt gratitude to the people who man the DAS helpline. Their advice and support have been invaluable through what has been an absolutely horrendous end to my long and dedicated career. Both the receptionists and legal experts are always professional yet sympathetic and the fact that it is a 24 hour service has I think saved my life in the small hours on at least one occasion.
    " 29th May 2015
  • "
    Thank you and thank you for your support.
    " 17th July 2015
  • "
    Nicole has a brilliant, finely tuned legal brain and her tact, thoughtfulness and negotiating prowess is a credit to her profession - I would readily recommend Nicole at anyone, at any time - she is truly at the cutting edge of the legal profession.
    " 12th June 2015
Hannah Parsons

Hannah Parsons

Manager of Legal Advice
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