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Property and Contract Disputes

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The Property and Contract Disputes team advises and represents clients in a wide range of property- and contract-related disputes including nuisance, trespass, consumer and commercial contract matters.

These issues occur frequently, and attempting to cut corners in dealing with them can potentially cost you significantly further down the road.

We aim to provide practical solutions through negotiation, representation and dispute resolution.

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If you have cover under a DAS policy, the costs of our products may be covered by your insurance policy or available at discounted prices (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy). For those clients without a DAS policy, we have a range of transparent fixed fee products including VAT, so you know with certainty how much each stage of the process is going to cost.

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William Ellerton

William Ellerton

Head of Property & Contract Disputes
DAS Law Limited
North Quay
Temple Back
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