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Legal Advice Scenarios

These are a selection of our legal advice successes from 2014.

Sexual Discrimination

Our client was earning substantially less than her male counterparts who were carrying out a similar role to her in the workplace. We advised her to raise a formal grievance and discussed what should be included in the grievance. Her employer held a grievance meeting with her and took legal advice to consider the issues that we advised her to raise.

She received a £3k per annum pay rise and she accepted £9k in the form of a settlement agreement for backdated salary owed to her.

Sale of Goods

Four months after purchasing a sofa, our client noticed the material it was covered with had started to fray. The shop said that he or his children must have caused the damage. We advised our client to obtain a report from an upholstery expert and we also advised him of his position under the provisions of the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Our client acted on our advice and wrote again to the shop including the upholsterer’s report and references to the relevant law.

He received a full refund.

Employee termination payment

Our client was involved in a dispute at work. He believed that his situation was untenable and wanted to leave his employment where he had worked for 7 years. We advised him to raise a formal grievance and that he should enter into ‘without prejudice’ (off the record) negotiations with his employer in a bid to be ‘paid off’. Our client wanted the negotiations to be dealt with by a solicitor and instructed us to deal with this matter on his behalf.

We wrote to his employer and were able to negotiate a £32k termination payment. We subsequently advised him on the terms of the settlement agreement that he entered into with his employer.

Neighbour boundary dispute

Our client was being harassed by her neighbours in relation to a longstanding argument about a boundary between their properties. The neighbours’ behaviour caused her to feel threatened and intimidated. We wrote to the neighbours on her behalf and informed them that unless this behaviour ceased immediately, it may result in court action being taken against them.

We heard from our client again sometime later and she informed us that her neighbours had stopped their harassment after receiving our letter.

Employee disciplinary

Our client had received a final written warning from his employer. We were able to establish that the disciplinary procedure was flawed. Our client wanted us to draft his appeal for him which we did. We drafted a comprehensive appeal detailing each and every breach of established employment law and procedure.

The outcome was that the final written warning was removed by his employer leaving our client with an unblemished employment record.

Mobile phone bill dispute

An order from the County Court was given to our client, informing her that a judgement had been entered against her and that she owed her former mobile telephone company £500. Our client had received no other correspondence previously from the court and had proof that this bill had been paid. We advised her of the relevant legal rules and procedure for setting the judgement aside.

Our client was able to complete the necessary court forms and was successful in having the judgement set aside, and was given a hearing date for her to attend court and provide her defence. She telephoned us for further advice and we gave additional advice which enabled her to convince the telephone company that the bill had indeed been paid and they eventually withdrew their claim from the court process.


  • "
    I very much appreciated my advisor, Michael. He listened without rushing me and he was very thoughtful and supportive. I am very grateful for his time and his advice. Also, all people I spoke over the phone were very polite and I was glad that we had your legal team for our insurance policy. Thank you once again.
    " 24th July 2015
  • "
    I would be grateful if you would pass on my heartfelt gratitude to the people who man the DAS helpline. Their advice and support have been invaluable through what has been an absolutely horrendous end to my long and dedicated career. Both the receptionists and legal experts are always professional yet sympathetic and the fact that it is a 24 hour service has I think saved my life in the small hours on at least one occasion.
    " 29th May 2015
  • "
    Amy is a highly skilled and compassionate lawyer, who selflessly dedicates herself to her clients. Her legal savvy and articulate explanations have been invaluable to me and I would highly recommend her legal services to anyone at any time.
    " 12th June 2015
  • "
    The lady I spoke to gave me specific instructions as to what I should do regarding damage to the glass area off my front bedroom. She listened to my problem, was extremely efficient, professional and sympathetic about my problem. I found her very helpful and was impressed with the high standard of help I received.
    " 22nd May 2015
  • "
    Nicole has a brilliant, finely tuned legal brain and her tact, thoughtfulness and negotiating prowess is a credit to her profession - I would readily recommend Nicole at anyone, at any time - she is truly at the cutting edge of the legal profession.
    " 12th June 2015
Hannah Parsons

Hannah Parsons

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