Mike Jones: Overcoming Adversity


Mike JonesAt DAS Law we have the experience to deal with the most serious personal injury cases…

Businessman and keen amateur golfer Mike Jones was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in October 2015 when another motorist failed to see him on the road.

He was unconscious for four days, requiring 22 hours of surgery and five weeks in hospital. His injuries were life-changing, the most serious being the traumatic amputation of his lower left leg.

Working extremely closely with him on this complex, sensitive, case for several years, in 2019 we were able to assist Mr Jones in successfully recovering a settlement of £1.4 million which followed the issue of court proceedings but without the need for a final trial.

The settlement allowed Mr Jones to fund the purchase of a cutting-edge prosthetic limb - a superior model to better support his dynamic lifestyle and enable him to return to as normal a life as possible.

Mike, who came to DAS Law as a private client after a recommendation, commented. “I’d not dealt with a law firm before, but it was like speaking to one of my colleagues, rather than a solicitor. Conversations were nice and relaxed, they never felt formal, and that was a good feeling, it gave me confidence. When I felt I needed to talk to someone about the case, I’d get a response, I was never waiting for days, or even hours to get a reply.

“DAS Law understood that the thing that stresses the client out the most is the not knowing, and the more information you have, when you’re worried about something, the easier it is. They enabled me to take the next step in my long road to recovery, and my life.”

Senior solicitor Crispin Edmonds heads the Catastrophic Injury team at DAS Law and has over 20 years’ experience in personal injury cases, ten of those specialising in life changing injuries.

Crispin Edmonds: “We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our legal forensic work – utilising numerous expert witnesses from various specialities – but also on building and maintaining approachable, supportive relationships with our clients.

Working with Mike was a pleasure – and I’m so pleased we were able to help, working to maximise his independence and to secure for him a state of the art prosthetic limb so he was able to move to the next chapter in his life.

Since his accident Mike has become a member of the PGA disabled golf tour and in 2016 won both the Welsh and Scottish Disabled Open tournaments. As well as being Wales Golf’s Inclusive Ambassador he is a motivational speaker, helping people to change their mind-set and to develop their self-belief. You can find him on social media at @mj_disabledgolf, or via his website.

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