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Being faced with a legal issue can be a daunting time for any business. At DAS Law our expert legal team will be there for you to support you throughout the legal process. Find out how we can help.

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Funding your case

At the start of your case we will need to agree appropriate funding arrangements with you in order to be able to represent your business. Our skilled, experienced team will help you explore all available funding options.

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Legal expenses insurance

If you’re a business owner and you get hit with an unexpected legal problem, business legal expenses insurance could cover the cost of legal representation and provide you with expert legal advice

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Our legal process

Being faced with a legal problem can be an incredibly daunting prospect. You may not know your legal rights, you could be worried about the cost or even put-off by the complicated language and terms that solicitors use.

At DAS Law we make our legal process clear and simple, with our expert legal team here to support you from start to finish.

Our legal process

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Sole traders can take on more risk than other business structures, but with the promise of greater reward.

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Businesses must do all they can to prevent discrimination in the workplace and being up-to-date with equality law is essential.

April 2018
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Acquiring another company or merging two companies brings into play all kinds of rules and regulations about what is permissible and the processes you must undertake in order to do so.

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