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Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging processes you can go through. There's a lot of things to consider and setting up your business in the wrong way could be costly in the long term.

We have the expertise to help you get your new enterprise started in the right way allowing you to focus on growing your business for years to come. 

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We appreciate how daunting it can be when setting up a business. You may not know what you need to do, or you could feel uneasy about engaging with lawyers, the expense or even the complicated language and terms that solicitors use.

We have created information pages on how we can help you set up your business, what you need to consider, what your funding options are and what you can do next.

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  • Setting up a business
Getting your business website compliant

To protect the rights of consumers, all commercial websites must ensure the safety of personal and financial data. Additionally, consumers must have the ability to enforce their legal rights when buying online. Failure to do this could lead you to civil or criminal consequences.

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Drafting business T&C's

Standard terms and conditions provide a framework for your commercial transactions and standardise your company’s contracting procedures. Poorly drafted terms and conditions can quickly lead to disputes costing you time, money and customers.

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Registering a trademark, patent & copyright

Protecting your intellectual property rights should be an important focus for any business owner. Failure to do this will make it easier for your competitors to gain an unfair advantage and take your market share.

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Registering your business

There are so many things to consider when you start a new business. Making sure it is properly registered is one of the first things you will need to do.

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