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We appreciate how daunting it can be if your business is faced with a legal problem. You may not know your legal rights, or you could feel uneasy about the legal process, the expense or even the complicated language and terms that solicitors use.

We have created information pages on many commercial legal problems that explain how we can help your business, what you need to consider, what your funding options are and what you can do next.

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Third party contract disputes

Commercial and Consumer contracts are an everyday part of running a business and serve a vital function in ensuring that aspects of your business are legally effective. Poorly drafted agreements could have serious implications on your cash flow, your liability in the event of a breach of contract, and reputation.

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Consumer Rights Act 2015 breaches

To protect consumers, all UK businesses must comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Failure to do so could result in a costly legal dispute.

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Defamation or slander disputes

The reputation you’ve built for your business can be damaged in a short space of time by defamatory comments. If your business needs to take action over libel or slander, or defend a claim against it, we can help.

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Terms of business disputes

Disputes over the terms and conditions in your contracts can be an expensive, time consuming and stressful diversion from running your business.

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Disputes with a company copying your products

Failure to correctly protect your commercial ideas, products, processes or even company name could mean losing your advantage to competitors.

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Goods and services supplier disputes

If you buy or sell goods and services, there are a number of legal considerations that you need to be aware of. Without this knowledge, disagreements can quickly escalate which could threaten your business.

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Disputes with an Accountant or Financial Advisor

You need to know that your accountant can be relied on. Mistakes or negligence on their part can have serious consequences for your business.

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Insurance provider disputes

Purchasing a commercial or personal insurance policy should provide you with peace of mind when running your business or going about your day to day life. However, if your insurer declines to meet a claim submitted under a policy, a dispute may arise.

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Complaints over flexible working

Flexible working is a great way to motivate and retain your employees. However, a poorly implemented flexible working policy can quickly lead to disputes.

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Employee grievances

Handling employee grievances in the workplace can be tricky. Having the right procedures in place and following best practice can go a long way towards making things right.

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Employee disputes over abseteeism

When an employee is absent from work there is often a legitimate reason for their absence. But when an employee’s absence becomes a regular occurrence, your business could suffer.

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Disputes over wages, bonuses & commissions

You may offer contractual and discretionary bonuses to your employees to reward high performance. But if your bonus scheme is not properly implemented or payments withdrawn, disputes may occur.

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Disputes over adjustments for disabled workers

Defending against a claim for not making reasonable adjustments for disabled employees can be a sensitive matter that can cost your business time and energy.  

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Settlement agreements for exiting employees

It is common practice to present an employee with a settlement agreement as an alternative to going through a long, drawn-out disciplinary, performance or redundancy procedure.

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Termination of employee contracts

Entering exit discussions with employees is stressful for everyone involved. Achieving a ‘clean break’ can help both parties to focus on the future.

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Defending employment tribunal claims

Whether you are in early conciliation or an ex-employee has brought employment tribunal proceedings against your business, you need to take tailored advice and gain support quickly.

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