Disputes with a company copying your products

Failure to correctly protect your commercial ideas, products, processes or even company name could mean losing your advantage to competitors.

How DAS Law can help you

Our experienced team of dispute resolution lawyers can provide you with practical legal advice and representation if you find your ideas, products or services being copied by a competitor.

These are some of the possible outcomes we can achieve for you:

  • Advise, manage, enforce and defend your intellectual property rights, for example trademark, copyright and design right infringement.
  • Provide you with practical advice should you be faced with a dispute against a competitor who has infringed your intellectual property rights.
  • Assist you in negotiating settlement with a competitor by means of Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Pursue an action against competitors to recover damages and/or obtain an injunction to stop competitors from infringing your intellectual property rights.
  • Important things to consider

    • Intellectual property covers many forms of creative work including logos, corporate identity and ideas for new products or services.
    • Registering a trade mark or patent in the UK only offers protection within this country. To secure the same protection overseas you will have to apply for an international trade mark or patent.
    • Having the right type of intellectual property protection can help stop competitors from stealing or copying your ideas, names, products and designs, but even then you will need to act quickly.
    • Even if you do not have a registered trademark you may still be able to make a claim for “Passing Off” in certain circumstances. The same applies to Design Rights. Even if you have not registered a Design Right you may still be able to protect your designs, albeit to a lesser extent.

    How much will it cost?

    If you would like DAS Law to help you with your legal dispute, there are a number of ways of funding your legal costs, including:

    Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI)

    If you have a commercial insurance policy this may include LEI cover. If so, your legal costs may be covered by that policy, subject to its terms and conditions. If you are unsure if your insurance policy includes LEI cover, we will check this with you.

    Commercial LEI

    No Legal Expenses Insurance

    If you do not have this cover, then we have a host of fee options which we will tailor to suit your needs. Often we will take cases on a conditional fee basis (also known as “no win no fee”). Where this is not suitable we offer fixed fees and discounted hourly rates.

    For certain cases we will also consider a damages based agreement, where we receive a limited proportion of damages if the case is successful, and nothing if it is not. Our legal advisers are always happy to discuss our fee options with you in more detail.

    What to do next

    If you would like to speak to a dispute resolution expert about your legal problem, please contact us by calling 0345 604 7298, or email enquiries@daslaw.co.uk.

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    Failing to protect the unique ideas, products and services that make your business different could result in your competitors taking your ideas and market share.

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