High school unfair dismissal defence

We represented a high-school that dismissed a Head of Department for allegedly assaulting a pupil. DAS Law’s employment team defended the school in their employment tribunal proceedings

What could have been a very stressful experience was helped by DAS Law acting in a reassuring and professional manner throughout

Unfair dismissal claim

When an employee at a manufacturing firm brought a claim for unfair dismissal our Employment team negotiated a financial settlement on behalf of the employer, which resolved the dispute

You came as a breath of fresh air and I am bought into your enthusiasm, and for this reason and others too, I would like to appoint you to represent me.

Redundancy process help

We helped one of our commercial customers, a gardening company, to undertake a redundancy process.

At a time where I was feeling vulnerable and needing a really good service, I can safely say that with you the service received much better than expected!

Business owner

High school unfair dismissal defence

We represented a further education college that faced a claim for unfair dismissal by one of its lecturers. A successful outcome was obtained as the claim was withdrawn.

Thank you very much for your support and advice throughout this case.