Registering a trademark, patent, or copyright

How DAS Law can help

Protecting your intellectual property rights should be an important focus for any business owner. Failure to do this will make it easier for your competitors to gain an unfair advantage and take your market share.

Our experienced team of commercial lawyers can help you protect, manage, enforce and defend your intellectual property rights. We can ensure that whatever registrations and protections you need for your new business, you get the help, information and support you need.

Here are some important things you should be aware of.

  • As soon as your business becomes profitable it is worth considering the protection a trade mark can offer to your business.
  • Intellectual property covers many forms of creative work including logos, corporate identity and ideas for new products or services.

How much will it cost?

If you would like DAS Law to help you register a trademark, patent or copyright, we will offer competitive fixed fees so that you have complete certainty on your legal spend throughout the process. Our legal advisers are always happy to discuss our fee options with you in more detail.

What to do next?

If you would like to speak to a commercial expert about trademarks, patents or copyright, please contact us by calling 0345 604 7298, or email

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Allison Whiston

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When developing new products or services, it is important to protect those ideas to prevent other businesses from stealing them and passing them off as their own

Allison Whiston, Head of Commercial

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