Switching solicitors

Can you change your solicitor?

You are entitled to switch your solicitors for whatever reason you wish.

This may be because you don’t feel that your solicitor understands the nuances and complexities of your motorcycle accident, or that there has been a breakdown in communication. Whatever the reason, you are entitled to choose an alternative legal representative.

However, if you are currently funded by a Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) policy this may affect the funding they provide for your claim; if you are unsure, check your policy or ask your insurer.

About legal expenses insurance

However once your claim has been litigated – the court process commenced – then you do have 'freedom of choice' to appoint any solicitor you chose and this would not affect the funding by your insurer.

Your legal file remains your property and you have the right to request this from your solicitor or to instruct your new solicitor to obtain the file on your behalf.

It is important in any claim that you are happy with the representation you have, whether appointed by your insurer or chosen yourself. Therefore, if you feel your relationship has broken down, it is wise to consider whether you might benefit from a change of solicitor.

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