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We can help motorcyclists in a number of different ways, including personal injury claims for accidents, disputes with bike dealers and general legal advice.

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Motorcycle accident injury claims

Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable road users and can be left with devastating life changing injuries following a road traffic accident.

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Broken bone injury claims

Complicated bone breaks or fractures could have an impact on your long-term physical independence and mental wellbeing. Your injury may impact on your ability to work and support your family, your future career and participation in sports and hobbies. You may need medical treatment, rehabilitation, and require professional care and adaptions to your home life.

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Diesel spill motorcycle accident claims

Careless car drivers, pot holes, road debris, spalling and manhole covers are just some hazards bikers face on today’s roads. But some hazards in the road – such as diesel spillages – are harder to spot and can lead to you coming off your bike.

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Disputes with motorcycle dealers

Buying a new or second-hand motorbike that is defective can leave you stranded. Paying for costly repairs or servicing carried out without reasonable care and skill can leave you out-of-pocket.

You may quickly find yourself in a dispute with a motorcycle dealer or service centre that may be reluctant to resolve the problem.

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Filtering & Junction claims

Many road users fail to see bikers, especially at junctions or in slow moving traffic, and that’s unfortunately when a high number of motorcycling accidents happen.

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Hit & run motorcycle accident claims

By law, all road users must stop and report a road traffic accident. When a motorist causing the accident fails to stop, the lives of those injured and their families are changed forever. Bikers are especially vulnerable and often the victims of hit and run accidents.

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Soft tissue injury claims

Soft tissue injuries is a generic term used to describe damaged muscles, ligaments or tendons that often result from road traffic and motorcycling accidents. These types of injury can be minor and severe causing long-term symptoms and financial consequences.

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