Disputes with travel companies

How DAS Law can help you

Our experienced team of dispute resolution lawyers can provide you with practical legal advice and representation in the event of a dispute with a travel company.

These are some of the outcomes we can achieve for you:

  • Compensation for loss of enjoyment of your holiday because of building works etc.
  • Compensation for the holiday being cancelled or changed last minute.
  • Compensation for injury caused by the hotel or operator.
  • Important things to consider

    Here are some important things you should be aware of regarding your legal problem:

    • The Package Travel Regulations only apply to a package holiday which is defined as a pre-arranged combination of at least two of; transport, accommodation, and other significant tourist services.
    • The Regulations make the UK operator liable for any breach of contract by any provider of the holiday, such as a hotel, irrespective of whether the provider is based here or abroad, meaning a claim can be brought in the UK Courts even though the holiday was overseas.
    • The Regulations, with a few minor exceptions, prevent the operator from increasing the price once the holiday has been booked.

    How much will it cost?

    If you would like DAS Law to help you with your legal dispute with a travel agency, there are a number of ways of funding your legal costs, including: 

    Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI)

    If you have a motor or home insurance policy this may include LEI cover.  If so, your legal costs may be covered by that policy, subject to its terms and conditions.  If you are unsure if your insurance policy includes LEI cover, we will check this with you.

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    Personal Funds

    If you do not have LEI cover, then we have a host of fee options which we will tailor to suit your needs.  Where appropriate we will offer competitive fixed fees for each stage of your case so that you have complete certainty on your legal spend.  Where this is not suitable, we offer a range of discounted hourly rates, depending on the experience and seniority of the person dealing with your case. 

    Our legal advisers are always happy to discuss our fee options with you in more detail.

    What should you do next?

    If you would like to speak to a dispute resolution expert about your legal problem, please contact us by calling 0345 604 7298, or email enquiries@daslaw.co.uk.

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    Principal Associate, Solicitor

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    Legislation known as the Package Travel Regulations gives protection to people purchasing package holidays. So if your trip qualifies as one of these, you could be entitled to compensation if your holiday didn’t turn out as planned.

    William Ellerton, Dispute Management

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